The Latino Music Festival functions as a bridge, bringing latino music to audiences in San Diego. The Latino Music Festival places a strong emphasis on local talent, featuring San Diego’s most prestigious orchestras, ensembles and soloists, as well as a number of talented young professionals.

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CB | Labs Extracts
CB Labs was a business extension that leveraged the brand success of Comb Botanicals. CB Labs is a cannabis resin product company with the mission to legitimize and expand the acceptance and understanding of top of line botanical extract products. The best way to do that - is to lead the way. Sotelo created the vision, product look and feel and all communications to launch CB Labs to the world.
Sandstrand specializes in quality cleaning, hygiene with a strong emphasis on customer service and environmental responsability.
Barrio Unido - United by Love / Barrio Logan
Barrio Logan is a cultural rich working-waterfront neighborhood in San Diego, CA. A long neglected and "newly rediscovered" neighborhood, it adamantly protects it's historical roots and cultural traditions while managing the pressures of growth and change. Barrio Unidos is a series of Sotelo street posters done in collaboration with Miriello Grafico, that incorporate historically meaningful images and stories, designed in a fresh and unexpected manner. A sign of a proud tradition evolving without forgetting.
Raiz Works - Urban Growing
When launching an innovate idea like RaizWorks permaculture, establishing credibility falls in large part to the brand. Sotelo designed the identity, graphic system and web UI that establishes the viability and potential of an eco-conscious company focused on permaculture. Raizwork selected Sotelo to help communicate the vast commercial potential of growing food almost anywhere. The ideal Sotelo challenge.
Caffè Calabria Coffee Roasters
Caffe Calabria is a traditional coffee roaster of the highest order. Not trying to be the hippest of the light & bright new-school roasters, but rather firmly committed to the traditions of Italian-style roasting. The product presentation called for a balance of high-energy with strong tradition.
Identities - Logos
It has often been said a logo is not a brand. Yet a successful logo is a definitely an important component to get right.
Comb Botanicals had a vision to set a new standard for botanical extraction equipment of high grade medical and commercial cannabis. Design excellence was used to highlight the performance excellence in all areas of Comb Botanicals business. “Let’s make CB the new benchmark in a growing category that has yet to really grow up.” Sotelo was trusted to art direct and design all touch points from industrial design to data sheets, establishing a brand with true global appeal.
San Diego's Jazz88.3fm
With jazz music audiences aging, San Diego's City College, Jazz 88.3 FM needed to stay relevant and fresh to expand its listenership without alienating the tried and true. Sotelo branding and identity brought new design life to the stations jazz music culture and long history, helping 88.3 connect with San Diego jazz lovers of all ages.
SD Cycling Public
Bringing a community together to participate, believe and donate is easier with compelling branding. San Diego Cycling Public is a celebration of cycling and creates awareness and civic support for a new community cycling center. Sotelo collaborated with project visionary Ron Miriello to build a very fresh and simple “brand-kit” that created excitement on everything it touched. And that helps when you're selling an idea and need foot-soldiers to carry the flag.
Naturale Hair Blows
Hair salons are about building strong relationship and never giving patrons a reason to leave. This Sotelo rebranding built upon the salons established reputation of non-toxic and natural services and products, yet in a fresh and more progressive way. The new coordinated look was applied to packaging, interior and signage creating a renewed spa-like environment with new potential.
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